Polish Conference On
Computer Games Development
Gdańsk 6 - 8 SEPTEMBER 2013

Best Paper

Rules of participation

To take part in this event all you have to do is mark appropriate option in user panel on conference web page and upload proposed article. They will be accepted after successful review.

Rules of competition

  1. Best Paper competition is part of National Conference on Computer Games Development.
  2. Every presentation and poster presented during Best Paper takes part in a competition aiming at selection, by means of vote, three best projects.
  3. The competition goal is to motivate individuals to further development of skills required by computer games creation process and to reward that improvements. By term individuals organizers understand people that are employees of scientific facilities. Students and PhD students are also treated as such.
  4. Votes can be cast by any registered conference participants including organizers and volunteers.
    1. Every registered participant with his or her ID and conference materials will receive a ballot paper. Votes are cast by entering numbers assigned to presentations that should take first, second and third place.
    2. Filled out ballots should be thrown into voting box at conference reception.
    3. Ballots that are filled incorrectly will not take part in votes counting.
    4. Participants can grade presentations and posters by any means.
    5. The ballot is secret.
    6. Votes counting is done by organizers. Stand or poster marked as first on given ballot paper gets 5 points, second get 3 points, third gets 1 point. Points are than accumulated. First three presentations that will receive the most votes will take first three places.
  5. Votes are counted after last lecture.
  6. Winners of the competition will receive prizes provided by sponsors or conference organizers. Each winning team member will receive a certificate.
  7. Co-authors receive equal prizes whenever the are available.
  8. Prizes are awarded to participants whose presentations or posters occupy first three places. Every change to this rule will be made public before start of the competition.
  9. Detailed list of prizes will be published on conference web page no later than one month before the start of the conference.