Polish Conference On
Computer Games Development
Gdańsk 6 - 8 SEPTEMBER 2013


About conference

Polish Conference on Computer Games Development was created as a response to a lack of event that would in professional way treat about games development process in our country. When I was starting my work on organization of WGK I wanted to create event that would gather people from across the country and from all different groups related to computer games development. I wanted to give them place where they could exchange their experiences, present lectures and integrate. Place where Polish video game industry can promote itself and do business. Conference is organized together with Electronics, Telcommunication and Informatics Faculty of Gdańsk University of Technology which provides location for whole event. As this is collective achievment, I would like to thank everyone involved.

Conference Chairman,
Karol Gasiński

Organizing committee

Conference Chairman:

Karol Gasiński

I started to create computer games in the times when DOS was common operating system and textmode based games were quite popular. Lack of good graphics pushed me then to write my own graphic library. But I still felt unsatissfied with boundaries set to it by DOS. Therefore I gone further in pursuit for speed on my 386 and write my own OS with microkernel fully in assembly language.
Today, from over three years, I'm working at Intel's R&D department as Graphics Software Engineer. After work I'm still spending my free time on my greatest passion which is games development. I'm mostly interested in architecture of modern rendering engines used in games. In the past as a chairman of Vertex interest group I was giving lectures about games development. Currently as a member of Khronos group I'm working on future versions of OpenGL. I'm also trying to promote Polish gamedev through participating in organization of different kind of events like Global Game Jam and this conference.

GUT Representative:

Tomasz Boiński

I'm an assistant at Department of Computer Architecture of Gdansk University of Technology Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics where I'm currently writing my PhD thesis titled "Merging and alignment of domain oriented ontologies". My research focuses on dynamic knowledge integration contained within ontologies which should enable interoperability between systems representing different point of view on surrounding reality. I'm also interested in topics connected with computer system architecture and try to advertise OpenSource movement and respecting authors rights.
With computer games I'm connected mainly as their target audience. As a researcher however I gladly accepted an opportunity to co-organize the First Annual Conference on Games Development. There may by many such events but they rarely consider scientific approach to that topic. I look at the conference as an opportunity to try to connect business and scientific aspects of computer games development and try to tighten connections between those two parties.

Public Relations:

Matt Dzikowski

An artistic soul with MSc in linguistics, working as a graphic designer. Computers, consoles and electronic toys have fashioned my childhood. I've gained my first gamedev experience typing out lines of code printed in early 90's computer press. That's when I discovered what a "crunch" is and why the last 10% of a project is in reality it's 90%. Back then, reading games reviews was my favorite activity together with playing PC games with bunch of friends and watching "Star Wars", "Terminator" and "Enter the Dragon" ad nauseam. Today I spend much more time on the outside :) I like running, martial arts and exploring the unknown. I'm currently working on "Carpet Wars" the winning project of the video games startup hackaton Sprint 2013.

Vertex Representative:

Jacek Lebiedź

I work as an assistant professor at the Department of Knowledge Engineering (Faculty of ETI, Gdansk University of Technology). I'm also a supervisor of "Vertex" interest group. I give lectures, laboratory and project classes of Computer Graphics, Information Visualization, Computer Animation, 3D Graphics, and Virtual Reality. My research interests are in line with my teaching and are focused on computer graphics, virtual reality, image processing, and image compression. Currently, I am leading the new design of Immersive 3D Visualization Laboratory with its basic device placed in the CAVE - a transparent rotating sphere moved by a walker inside.

JUG Representative:

Michał Wójcik

I am a lecturer in the Department of Computer Architecture, Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunication and Informatics at the Gdańsk University of Technology. In my scientific work I am dealing mainly with self-organization and cooperation of autonomous agents in the execution of a complex distributed applications. In my researches the main focus is set on agents' adaptation to the events occurring in their environment as well as their joint actions. My didactic work in the faculty is focussed on Java platform and related technologies. Additionally I am a supervisor of the JUG (Java User Group) interest group.
Privately I am interested in widely understood fantastic which is connected mainly with literature, but also with computer games. My favourite ones include RPG games allowing character development in the surrounding and constantly changing environment. In my opinion it is great place for the use of artificial intelligence algorithms providing constant volatility of the game world and interaction with it.

Waldemar Korłub

I am the chairman of the PG Java User Group. My main focus there - apart from management issues - is set on the Java EE platform, which was used to develop Conference portal. I am also studying at the ETI Faculty of Gdansk University of Technology and by participating in research projects carried in the Department of Computer Architecture I pursue my scientific objectives. These are mainly related to distributed systems and ways of applying artificial intelligence algorithms to them. The game industry is the place where these kind of research is used in practice for modeling virtual game universes.
Besides that, I am passionate about mobile technology and devotedly follow the evolution of the smartphone's market. Those devices play an increasingly important role in our lives, not excluding areas of entertainment and games. I am also interested in fantasy literature and Polish rock music of the 80's.

Bartosz Jakusz

I'm studying at Technical University of Gdańsk, on Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics. I am also a board member of Java User Group which is working as a part of Department of Computer Architecture. Simultaneously with my studies I am working in family company called "Systemy Zabezpieczeń Bankowych" where I am responsible for marketing and PR. In free time, as a hobby, I'm also studying modern history, mainly second World War.

Previous members of organizing committee

Public Relations (WGK 2012 & WGK 2013):

Kacper Kwiatkowski

I'm a graduate of Computer Science at ETI faculty of Gdansk University of Technology, currently employed as a game designer at 11 bit studios company. Constantly fascinated in video games since my childhood, particularly from the moment I discovered Contra on NES console imitation. Favorite series: GTA, Mario, The Sims, God of War. I don't approve console wars neither do I have my favorite genre.
The first game I've been working at was an independent, student project called ATOM – which was, by the way, awarded at the Developers Showcase of WGK 2011 (where I was merely a volunteer). Whereas as a professional I was involved in the development of a few mobile games, working at Nawia Games studio (including a project for EA). Besides game development I used to be a journalist, photographer, graphic designer and fitness instructor.

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