Polish Conference On
Computer Games Development
Gdańsk 6 - 8 SEPTEMBER 2013

WGK 2012 - photos and videos in better quality

A set of materials from the last WGK is already available. They can be accessed in a few ways. On our conference materials site the lectures are enriched with descriptions, photos and videos. The photos can be also viewed in the gallery . The best way to watch the videos is on our YouTube channel . We'd also like to share some news about BlackBerry with you ...

We might noticed that the photos and videos from the conference were available since a while. But we've managed to improve their quality in a different ways. Most of all, all the videos where tidied up, including increasing the volume. Moreover, we've submitted them on YouTube. We've also improved our our system of linking the lectures with the materials. 

But remember that the videos are - currently - in Polish. 

Taking the  opportunity , we'd like to interest you in an event related to BlackBerry devices (that were a topic of one of the lectures). BlackBerry Jam Sessions(Hackathon) will take place on 28 November in Gdańsk and it will be all about creating an app for BlackBerry 10. Of couse within 10 hours.